Asset Management

Besides supporting our partners on the Austrian market (enhanced Third Party Marketing), ARC – Absolute Return Consulting GmbH is also making the know-how of its team available through our advisory services.

An example of our investment advisory services is mahi546, a fund of funds that is directly advised by ARC – Absolute Return Consulting GmbH. mahi546 is an Austrian fund of funds, with the focus on capital preservation, while providing investors with realistic returns. Return of investment is more important than return on investment.

mahi546 (named after the address of our former office) is currently the only fund “advised by ARC”. The fund can be invested through banks and independent advisors, making it possible for investors to access the know-how of ARC – Absolute Return Consulting GmbH directly. More information on mahi546 can be found at

As part of our investment advisory we are able to provide clients with other custom investment solutions. Please inquire about what ARC – Absolute Return Consulting GmbH can do for you.

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